QotD: Weekend Wrap-Up: Bearded Creamy Puff Man

OMIGOD!  I totally forgot about Beard Papa! I would have forgotten but I saw StringBeanLove's diary about it and I remembered. OH OH OH it was totally the high point of my mid day!

Before we went down to Tea, Alex and I went down to the Metreon to look at comic books and toys at Things From Another World, a fairly adequate comic book store in the Metreon. I just went along to look at boys and to get a three-piece jalepeño from Jack in the Crack.

So we got our food and went to the park behind the Metreon to eat.  (Lots to see in that park, btw, including fountains, waterfalls, the backside of water, and a scabby, crusty hobo shambling along with a ghetto blaster playing MJ's Pretty Young Thing at full volume).

Midway through a bite of jalepeño cheesy, ranch-covered yumminess, I saw  Beard Papa! across the street and I remembered what my assistant said about the place. So we jaywalked over, ordered up one vanilla bean cream puff and one chocolate cream puff and we were soon in cream puff heaven! No joke!  It was like great sex in a flaky, pastry shell!  This shit kicks Krusty Creme's donut hole! 

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