Pinky, Part III

This is the third (and final) Pinky video. In this video we learn that Pinky has a restraining order filed against her by Kevin's fiancee and that the local fuzz are well aware of the order. This came up when we spotted a black and white flipping a u-turn on Great Highway back towards the three of us. Pinky, not wanting any trouble, flees the vicinity.  The video ends abruptly there.  What's not on the video is Pinky sprinting up Sloat two blocks, running up to a random car, jumping in and the car taking off. (weird)

Note: My roommate Bryan told me that the video is practically inaudible (to him).  Is this is the case for you? I can transcribe the conversation (mostly from memory!) but it's work.  If I get enough requests (via comments) then I will go through the effort.

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