My very first video project (1996)

I found this on my computer the other day. It's the first video project I ever did. It was for an Adobe Premiere class I took at UCSD. The assignment was to take some pictures from your life and tell a story. As a result, we got a couple "The story of my wedding" videos (both of them set, predictably, to sappy music), a "scenes from my bachelor party" video with lots of limo and drinking pictures (yawn) and about ten or so other videos that were so forgetable I've forgotten.  And then there was mine.

When the teacher announced the assignment, my first (and I think perhaps only) question was whether the story we told with the pictures had to be true, or if it could be partially or totally fictional. He said it could be fiction or real to whatever degree we wished.

I sat down with my friend Patrick (the Ticket Assassin, FYI) and we sketched out an idea. Patrick did the voice over, my friend Joe Phillips drew some cartoons of me (like the one you see below), and I put it all together with pictures from my past, a couple drawings, and a couple polaroids I needed to fill in the blanks.

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Patty
    Jul 22, 2006 @ 22:39:00

    So, what grade did you get?


  2. Timmy!
    Jul 23, 2006 @ 09:25:00

    I got an A. 🙂 The instructor's comments: "Wow! Next time, more swearing."


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