I hate Hot or Not

I used to like Hot or Not.  Hot boys used to click on me all the time. But now, I get NOTHING BUT THIS:

And the categories:
1. Ding fwies awe done
2. hey, sonny, can you hand me my teeth?
3. I need to go out, where's the paper bag for my head?
4. I'm not fat, I'm big-boned
5. Oh, come on, like you've never killed a hitch hiker and burried him in the desert.

So what happened? Did I turn ugly? Well, maybe so, but the picture I've been using is the same damn picture I've always used for Hot or Not, lo these many years later.  It's not like I use it for meeting anyone since HP is in my life but still, it's nice to see who's diggin' my style—I like the ego strokes. 


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