Can I have ten bucks?

This is Angie Paccione (rhymes with catch a pony) and she's running for congress against Mailyn Musgrave, who is not only an unethical witch, but also the author of the no-marriage-for-homos amendment for the Constitution.  Musgrave recently said (during a fundraiser) that gay marriage is the "most important issue" facing America today (sure am glad we got that War on Terror all wrapped up).  Musgrave has GOT TO GO—she's a source of much evil in the world and in congress in particular.  

Angie Paccione actually stands a good chance of winning. She is running a fantastic race and all she needs is a little bit more money to push her over the victory line!

I just gave Angie (another) $10. Please, pretty-please-with-sugar, contribute $10 yourself.  Ten bucks is nothing and it's a nice gesture that you are sick of people like Musgrave in the congress.

UPDATE: CQ Politics has just changed the rating of the race from "Republican Favored" to "Leans Republican." This is fantastic news.

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I usually beat these people up…

I really liked this video, posted by the lovely Miss Nox. Go check it out. 

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Neat painting

This comes by way of Firedoglake.  This painting is like a Rorschach inkblot. 

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Vox Hunt: Tagged

Graffiti, please.

Hemo Grafitti side
Hemo Grafitti front

Here's some graffiti I photographed just a couple blocks from my house. It's on the hemo dialysis building across the street from Amoeba Records. This is where I saw the Haight Street Parking Argument happen.

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Lunchtime video fun

Here's Bill Clinton on Fox News Sunday with weaselly Chris Wallace. The Big Dog schools Wallace about a third of the way into it. 

This is beyond fabulous. Finally some honesty. It's nice to see him spend a little of his remaining political capital and I’m gratified to see him finally fighting back against the wingnuts who have made his life a living hell since the day he took office.  Let’s hope other Democrats continue to figure out that picking a real fight with the media and with these loser Republicans is not only good on the substance, it’s damned good politics.  When you attack the media and make those self-absorbed guardians of the national discourse part of the story, you break through their habitually snickering, narcissistic filter.  They can’t help but go with the story, if only to clutch the pearls and tut tut about your passion.  Just ask Sid Blumenthal.

And here's some reaction. First, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (who covers the rest of the media so I don't have to):

I think Jon Stewart's take on the media's reaction is, as usual, right on target. TDS once again strings together different clips of video to let people hang themselves, in this case it's the different talking heads shoveling thier bullshit for their sadly misinformed (especially in the case of Fox) viewers.  The video speaks for itself but Stewart's "oh really? Who the fuck are you?" is a great capper.

Next, some Keith Olberman:

Olberman is turning into the Edward R. Murrow of our day.

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QotD: It’s All In My Head

What movie can you quote by heart?
Submitted by clamhead.

Dangerous Liaisons. One of the very few worthwhile things to come out of the 80's.

"Let's start with a few Latin terms."

"I've taught her to perform, quite naturally, services one would hesitate to ask from a professional"

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Bendito Machine

Go check this out. It's AMAZING.

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