Operation Yellow Elephant

Attention Real Americans on Campus-

Your Country Needs You!

Even if you cannot, or will not, actually join our military, and even if you are a flaming liberal totally against the Iraq War, and even if you are a Yellow Elephant yourself, you can still help your country. Students, faculty, staff, maybe even alumni. Here's how:

First, join Facebook via your campus.edu e-mail. This gives you instant access to all of the "the facebook" info for your entire College or University.

Second, conduct a query of your school's students who identified themselves as "Conservative" or "Very Conservative." You should get back quite a number of names, even at the most liberal schools.

Third, compile all of these students' information into a word document listing name, age, e-mail address, major, realtionship status and cell phone # (when available). Also include important sales/closing info such as interests, if they were unemployed, etc.

Fourth, take your completed list along with an Army OCS flyer (see ArmyOCS.com or just copy down that URL) to your local Armed Forces Recruiting Station and ask to meet with the Station Commander. Explain to him or her that you are a concerned citizen who wants to Support Our President by encouraging his strongest supporters, if qualified, to volunteer for military service. That's what OYE is all about.

We're certain that the recruiters will appreciate the information, especially in such an easy-to-use format. And watch those "very conservative" students squirm when a military recruiter calls and asks for them by name.

We encourage everyone with a .edu address to exploit the fountain of info available at "thefacebook.com." By consolidating this information for the recruiters, they are more than happy to "run down the lead."

(Thanks Operation Yellow Elephant. Major hat tip to IRR Soldier. Thanks also to DailyKos.

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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. leave luck to heaven
    Oct 09, 2006 @ 16:33:00

    i'd only compile recruitment lists for cash.


  2. Timmy!
    Oct 10, 2006 @ 19:14:00

    Liz my dear, can't you see the justice in recruiting those plump, slovenly, coke-snorting, tie-wearing Young Republicans to go fight in the war they incessantly cheerlead?


  3. leave luck to heaven
    Oct 11, 2006 @ 10:36:00

    i wouldn't trust neocons to open a can of tuna that was already open. however, mandatory military draft of only those in support of the war would be quite interesting. let the troops who are fighting someone else's war come home.


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