Some conservatives are disturbingly likeable

   I just saw John Ashcroft on Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I expected Darth Vader. Instead I saw a friendly, charming guy who reminded me of a goofy grandpa. He was funny. I actually laughed.   How very disturbing. Seriously: John Ashcroft?  (then again, he was a politician for many years before his A.G. stint for Chimpy McPreznit)

Katherine Harris  Blogger John Arivosis of Americablog hung out with Catharine Harris at a party in D.C. He was stunned to report she was the most polite and friendliest person there.

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  1. Vesper
    Oct 19, 2006 @ 04:51:00

    What? Bob Dole, maybe, but John Ashcroft? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!


  2. jenny
    Oct 19, 2006 @ 06:31:00

    If you keep up this kind of crap, you're out of the neighborhood, buddy. I guess it's not really your fault that you picked the Republican I love to hate most (Ashcroft), but thems the breaks.


  3. Moira
    Oct 19, 2006 @ 08:41:00

    I also kind of like McCain.


  4. Guiness Drinker
    Oct 19, 2006 @ 09:25:00

    Isn't he the same guy that lost an election to a dead guy?


  5. Doc Paradox
    Oct 19, 2006 @ 09:28:00

    Wait a minute here, are you saying that being an evil asshole
    automatically excludes you from being charming and likable? If that
    were the case, the world would be a much easier place to figure
    out. Plus, for many, going on Jon Stewart's show is like the guy who
    buys a cute widdle putty dog to get laid. People do not so much go on
    that show because they are "cool," but they want to seem likable by
    basking in Stewart's charm. Plus everyone also have some book or agenda
    to pimp. Still need to catch the Ashcroft show tonight. I've heard (and
    this is not a joke) he was known for his most exxxxxcellent C.
    Montgomery Burns impersonation at the Justice Dept. when he wasn't
    covering statues.


  6. The Dude
    Oct 19, 2006 @ 11:39:00

    Yeah, I saw that too. Jon didn't press him too hard, so it is pretty easy to be likeable when nobody asks you any uncomfortable questions, or calls bullshit on you. He was somewhat funny, especially the "come to St. Louis and you'll be in heaven" line. Still, he totally seemed to forget that he lost to a dead guy when he said that he was a successful politician before he was AG. I suppose that Jon Stewart can't just totally shred someone like this when he is on the show, but it would have been nice to see someone rip him. Maybe Colbert can have Ashcroft on… that would do the trick!


  7. CalaVerde
    Oct 20, 2006 @ 06:09:00

    Chimpy McPreznit. Hilarious!


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