Out and about, back for now

We had to stop by my work so I could get my car keys, which I left on my desk. So here's a picture of us just off the muni.

HP and me

Here's roommate Liz and HP, same spot.

Got the keys, came back the City Carshare lot at Kezar, got a car and zoomed off to Clement and 7th for Bargain Bank. Here's the scene just outside.

On the way back home we had to stop at Kinko's so Liz could print something out. HP and an I went to Pier 1 next door.  Man it stinks like the heaviest of scented candles in there. I would die of a brain tumor if I worked in there.  And what's with the re-emergence of wicker? I feel like I'm on safari.  Anyhoo, Liz got done and we walked back to the car, only to see this:

We're back for an hour to chill, have a little tea, doob up, etc., then off to this little hole-in-the-wall sushi joint in the Castro. We're going to try it out. If it's worth two shits we'll blog it.

(Note, all pictures credit Liz.)

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