Doogie Houser is gay gay gay!

Neil Patrick Harris in Doogie Howser, M.D..Who knew? I always liked Neil Patrick Harris. Now I like him even more!  :-) 

It's sad that he didn't come out on his own—that the decision was made for him by gossip mongers on the Internet. Actually, to rephrase, make that "sad for him."  Certainly it's not sad for any of his fans, especially gay teenager fans. He should have done it himself long ago, when it mattered. When he mattered.  Nowadays, it's practically cliché and the pinnacle of his stardom is long past.

One thing I wanted to point out in the post article:

Up until relatively recently, agents and publicists could be counted on to keep clients closeted if they so chose. That just isn't feasible anymore in a culture where a celebrity's personal life is just another stage for mandatory performance.

Can you spot the omission? 

The first sentence should read "Up until relatively recently, agents, publicists, and reporters could be counted on to keep clients closeted."  Yes, the media used to play it's part in keeping gay celebs and politicians closeted. Actually, it largely still plays this role.  It's only with the advent of the Internet (and amateur reporters and bloggers) that closet doors are being involuntarily pried open.  I'm not sure I feel all that bad about it in the case of celebrities, especially closeted politicians (and most, most especially, right-wing or anti-gay politicians). Sunlight is good generally and just about always the truth shall set you free (eventually).

Follow up in the comments with any gay rumors you've heard. 
I promise not to sue. 🙂

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6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Papi Chulo
    Nov 16, 2006 @ 16:34:00

    Nowadays, it's practically cliché and the pinnacle of his stardom is long past.I submit the following contradictory argument: "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle"Thank you. Good night.


  2. Kimmers
    Nov 16, 2006 @ 17:06:00

    Apparently an old obscure Katie Holmes film is currently in big demand. In it Katie says something like, "I think gay men are so hot. It's tragic." Hee!!!


  3. Timmy!
    Nov 16, 2006 @ 17:27:00

    OK, Pants, I added H&K to my Greencine queue. We shall see.And Kimmers, I think she says that in the movie Go, doesn't she? [checking magic Internets]Ding! It WAS in Go. Check it out. Oh, wow, I just realized the comedy of that bit.


  4. Fool's Name & Fool's Faces
    Nov 16, 2006 @ 18:16:00

    The whole annoucement confused me because I think I've just always assumed that he was gay. And as irrelevant a public figure as Lance Bass. Besides, I'm way more fascinated with how the Religious Right is continuing to spin the whole Ted Haggard scandal – now he's getting in-depth counseling & 'healing' from a crack team of spritual advisors (although James Dobson dropped out). I just keep expecting that they're going to try and use him as some kind of poster child for how Christianity can make somebody ex-gay (or blame his wife for being too frumpy), rather than just finally getting over their homophobia and denial.


  5. Timmy!
    Nov 16, 2006 @ 18:31:00

    Snuf: notice how they are terribly worried about the whole gay thing
    and not a peep about the marital infidelity or the meth use. WTF!?
    And I just read this great article, money quote:He's
    embarked on religious rehab, more properly known as "spiritual
    restoration," an odd name that seems to combine New Age steps and
    fundamentalist beliefs.Still, what strikes me in the aftermath
    is not just the hypocrisy of Pastor Ted. I keep flashing back onto this
    sentence in his confession: "There is part of my life that is so
    repulsive and dark that I've been warring against it all of my adult
    life." Haggard was not referring to marital infidelity or drugs, but to
    his gayness.Haggard seemed like a kinder, gentler and greener
    evangelical than many on the religious right. Yet he once equated Gay
    Pride Day with Murderer's Pride Day and looked to the Bible for the
    last word in science as well as religion. This was not just a man split
    between his walk and his talk. This was a man repulsed by himself.There's no shortage of self-hatred in this world (hell, there's no shortage of it even here
    on Vox), and hateful, insecure, superstitious people will twist every
    current event to fit their small view of reality. Doesn't make it true.
    I mostly feel sorry for "ex-gays" and the like, well actually for
    anyone who is made unhappy by such a trifling thing as sexual


  6. Elellanyar Rilmavilyawa
    Nov 17, 2006 @ 02:09:00

    Well, Neil and David sure look cute together.


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