For my Marina friends…

Dear Friends,

After several days of rumors and seeing a piece on the 11:00 news, I finally confirmed that they're have been 11 attacks on women AND men in the Marina in the past 3 weeks. This afternoon I spoke with two patrolling cops and another officer eating lunch at the Marina Deli.

The attacks have been fairly consistent – primarily on Chestnut Street, a few near Fillmore and Greenwich, two to three males dressed in all black wearing Halloween skeleton masks, REAL guns (one has said to be brandishing a machine gun), average height, race unknown. All of the attacks have occurred at night or early morning, all of the women/men have been robbed of everything (jewelry, backpacks, purses, phones, etc…), some of been physically harmed and attacked, all have been threatened with guns.

One woman was forced into her apartment building. Victims have been grabbed right in the middle of the street and sidewalks. Also – several stores have been robbed at gunpoint by similar men – they believe this could be a gang from the Tenderloin or Western Addition area.

The cops have advised us to do several things:

1. Do not fight back – they are very dangerous. Pepper spray, etc…is not very helpful in these cases b/c it could anger them enough to use their weapons.

2. Report anything suspicious immediately. Do not go out alone at night. Do not wear flashy clothing, jewelry or brand name clothing.

3. Call our neighborhood supervisor Aliota-Pier at 554-7752 (this is the number the cop gave me) and request more police patrol. I asked them why I couldn't find anything in the news about the attacks and they said it is a huge political mess right now. Aliota has lent our neighborhood patrol to the Western Addition. In effort to cover her tracks, she is trying to keep the attacks out of the news/papers/etc…

4. Their final word of advice was to avoid the Walgreens at Divis and Lombard at night. They said that more felons, parolees, drug pushers, etc… who live and work out of the Bridge Hotel (directly behind Walgreen's) than any other building within a few miles radius of the Marina . They also told me that a huge rash of back thefts have been occurring all around this area & in the Presidio – including, bikes that are locked and they are stealing just parts – the seats, wheels, etc…(I can attest to this – I've had one car and three locked bikes stolen in the Marina over the past 8 months – all parked on Chestnut, Fillmore and Baker Streets!!)

I'm not trying to scare anyone…I just want everyone to be safe. Please pass this information onto friends and neighbors.


Christy, Founding City Girl

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  1. cobalt_blue
    Jul 26, 2007 @ 11:06:00

    This rings hollow for a resident of San Francisco that lives off of 24th street in the mission. Three murders within a block of my house in the last month.


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