Electric Pervert Morning Tea

So HP woke my ass up at SIX O'CLOCK A.M. THIS MORNING. Why, you ask? Because he had to race home to meet his friend who is coming off the night shift and will be there soon.  They will be playing video games until noon. Life is so tough. (can you hear my eyes rolling?)

I needed to get up a little early anyways since the electrician is coming over this morning to diagnose (and hopefully fix) our electrical problem. The breaker has been trippingg a couple times a night, every night, for the past couple weeks. Driving me nucking futts.

So I put away dishes, loaded up the dishwasher and started it, made a pot of tea, went and got a rug for my roommate from storage, encoded some videos for my friend, and now I'm watching some nutty video about some ex-gay perverts down in Florida.  Nothing starts out the day like a nice cup of tea, a healthy breakfast, some sexual perversion and steaming pile of lies.  Thank you, ex-gays! 

I understand I now have work friends who regularly read my blog. Guess I better not bag on the boss anymore! HA! JUST KIDDING! I LOVE YOU GUYS.   (grumble grumble _ucking @# hole __uckers garrr rrrrrrr).

So the electrician will be here in 30 minutes. I need to take a shower and make myself pretty BEFORE he gets here .

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