Myrna Lim running for San Francisco District 11 Supervisor

Myrna Lim is running for San Francisco Supervisor, District 11 seat.  She's challenging Geraldo Sandoval.

I found this on Tribe about her, written as a response to someone playing the gotchya game:

I finally met Myrna Lim in my mother's church last week. Frankly I have been curious who she is because of all the put downs and insults in this board. Turns out my mother and Ms. Lim have known each other for a long time. Her family has lived in the Excelsior for almost 40 years for 4 generations. Her dad came to the Excelsior in 1969. He was a former District Attorney in Manila. Her family used to operate and show Filipino movies in the Excelsior in the 1970's. They showed Filipino movies in the former Granada Theater and the Apollo Theater. Those theaters are now rented by Goodwill Store and Walgreens. Most people do not know about the tragedies in her family because she seems so upbeat and positive. My mom said, that is her personality. Her gay sister was killed in the old Granada Theater during a hold up masterminder by some people hateful against gays. Her brothers and sisters went to Balboa High School and Mission High School. Her nieces and nephews went to public schools and catholic schools.

My mom told me Ms. Lim used to be an activist in the Philippines against the Marcos when she was young. She was also an activist here in San Francisco. Apparently she was involved in the fight against the eviction of the tenants in the International Hotel. She was also involved with the farm workers in Delano. I didn't know that the Farm Workers Union were started by the Filipino farm workers under Philip Vera Cruz and Larry Itliong.

I thought she was some right wing politician according to some chat boards like this one. I didn't realize that she was a true progressive from the old days. She is also a feminist. She used to be the President of the National Women's Politicial Caucus. She did a lot of volunteer work on her own time even though she was working full time and raising her kid. She was a Vista volunteer for Asian Inc. building public housing in the south of market area. She helps a lot of inner city kids turn their lives around from drugs and violence. She works on a lot of program for the elderly.

When I talked to Ms. Lim, I told her that some people like in this board call her a ditz. She just smiled and said, "well that's politics for you". She said that San Francisco even thought it is supposed to be the most liberal city in San Francisco, has a problem electing good women unless the woman has a strong and powerful man behind her. She said that some people do not want her in city hall because she is too independent and she is too vocal. I told her that I appreciate that because San Francisco needs independent politicians. The poor people are getting poorer. My mother and I might move out of our Richmond flat soon. Too bad she did not win. I did not know Ms. Lim is very smart, thoughtful and knowledgeable about government and politics.

I told her that my friends in D11 voted for Sandoval last time because he was supposed to be progressive. It turned out Sandoval received a lot of campaign contributions from big developers and lobbyists downtown. I thought I read the Bay Guardian saying that Sandoval is a good friend of billionaire Warren Hellman and gave him a lot of money on his campaign. Is that why Sandoval is supporting Newsom?

Too bad Ms. Lim did not win. She would have been good for San Francisco.

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