Not that I’m one to rumor-monger…

…but this wicked little post from naughty TREX caught my eye.

And What to My Wondering Eyes Should Appear

Everybody meet Keven.  Keven says that he, not Levi, is the father of Bristol Palin’s baby.

Via Gawker:

Today in Sarah Palin news! This nice young man has gone to the YouTube to announce something very important: he is actually the father of Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol Palin’s little fetus. Well. Keven, the nice young man in question, is from Los Angeles, but he says he lived in Wasilla for a while, with his dad, and he and Bristol were “really good friends” who made a baby together. That baby’s life began at conception and Kevin went back home to make YouTubes. Oh, you might notice something about Kevin, as you watch this. There is something about him that makes him seem a little different from, say, reported father Levi Johnston. See if you can spot what it is! (Confidential to K.: we think it is pronounced “PAY-lin.”) [Radar]

Ooh!  Ooh!  I know this one!

No gum.

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