The war on facts

Kevin Drum has a great blog post up. Best post I've read all weekend.

I have to agree with this assessment from Bradrocket:

The GOP has become one giant St00p1d Machine. They revel in being ignorant about everything, and anyone who actually has knowledge about a given topic is treated at best as suspect. The fact that Sarah Palin has, at least for the moment, been a boon to McCain’s campaign is the dark reflection of a nation that has lost its ability to think. American popular culture has done to us in 50 years what centuries of drinking lead-poisoned water did to the Romans. If you ever wanted evidence that the United States is in its official decline period, Sarah Palin is it.

With a caveat: there is a difference between a country's citizens being stupid and being ignorant. IMO the United States is the latter, and actually it's worse than that. One party has recognized that you can easily confuse the public by throwing mud at facts and reality and making the truth suspect. That has the practical effect of making people stupid, but in actuality they are ignorant because of this parallel reality that the cynical GOP leadership has created.

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