Palin’s creepy voodoo witch doc

Sadly no has a really creepy post up quoting Max Blumenthal. I'm stealing the whole damn post. Check it out.
WATCH THE VIDEO – It starts out with "we need God taking over our eduction system" and ends with actual laying-on-of-hands type stuff! These people are CRAZY! 

This is not religion, this is happy-fun-magic-pretend-time. Changing the pitch of your voice to the one you use when scolding a small child is supposed to make God pay attention? That's praying? 

If you're too creeped out to watch the whole thing, the highlights are below the video box.


The estimable Max Blumenthal does the leg work on Crazy Sarah Palin and her crazy-assed church:

On September 20 and 21, I attended services at the church Sarah Palin belonged to since she was an adolescent, the Wasilla Assembly of God. Though Palin officially left the church in 2002, she is listed on its website as “a friend,” and spoke there as recently as June 8 of this year.

I went specifically to see a pastor visiting from Kiambu, Kenya named Thomas Muthee. Muthee gained fame within Pentecostal circles by claiming that he defeated a local witch, Mama Jane, in a great spiritual battle, thus liberating his town from sin and opening its people to the spirit of Jesus.

Muthee’s mounting stardom took him to Wasilla Assembly of God in May, 2005, where he prayed over Palin and called upon Jesus to propel her into the governor’s mansion — and beyond. Muthee also implored Jesus to protect Palin from “the spirit of witchcraft.” The video archive of that startling sermon was scrubbed from Wasilla Assembly of God’s website, but now it has reappeared.

And here it is:

For those unwilling to sit through the whole thing, I will provide highlights:

5:00: “We need God taking over our education system. If we have God in our schools, we will not have our kids being taught how to worship Buddha, how to worship Muhammad. We will not have in the curriculum witchcraft and sorcery.”

5:35: “The other area is the media. We need believers in the media. We need God taking over the media in our lives.”

7:00: Holy crap is this getting weird. Palin is now on stage and being fully blessed by Crazy Witchfighter Guy to be God’s instrument in government. He’s praying that she be used as a tool to combat witchcraft.

Oh lordy is this weird-ass shit. God, if you truly do love us, you will not let this woman anywhere near the levers of power in this country.

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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kristi
    Sep 24, 2008 @ 17:58:00

    What religion is he preaching? I hope he's not Catholic. Please don't be Catholic.


  2. Timmy!
    Sep 24, 2008 @ 18:40:00

    It's a Pentecostal church but I don't know what religion the dude is. He's apparently a witch hunter.


  3. Kristi
    Sep 25, 2008 @ 12:05:00

    Wow, I read a little about the witch hunting thing. I guess you never know. The article stating things from the christian science monitor sounds professional. Who knows?When I was a manager of a retail store, I hired an employee from Cuba, he later told me that he bathed himself in egg yolks before his interview. He told me he did this to bring luck upon himself so he could get the job. It must of worked cause I hired him. He later told me he jumped on a boat to get to the united states – while in the boat they had an awful storm and later that night he fell asleep and had a dream about the Virgin Mary telling him everything was going to be ok. Maybe some of this stuff is around.?


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