One last cry for help

Hi there,

I'm Tim. I write this blog.  This is the most important post I've written all year. Please read it. And if you would be so kind, please send the link around and maybe post it to your blog if you have one.

Anyway, I put together this fund raising page on On this page are races throughout the country where $5 or $10 can make a big difference if enough of us throw down some cash.

I know many of you are poor right now and can't afford even $20. But I know you can give $10. That's just two cocktails at any bar (or one drink at a nice bar). And for some of these candidates, $10 or $20 can make a HUGE difference.

One of these candidates is Darcy Burner. Please, if you can, please go to my page and give her $10.  Against all odds, she has come from waaaay behind and is now leading by 2 points. I've been watching this race closely and her opponent is desperate and running scared. Every commercial he has put out has been a lie. Every single one. His ads are far worse than the McCain ads you may have seen. His campaign just started a new campaign saying that Darcy Burner profits from big oil companies (because she has a retirement 401k) and that she is funded by liberal special interests (because she raises money online from people like me). 

Another of these candidates is Jim Martin. He's running against Saxy Chambliss. Now, Chambliss is a man completely without honor. You may recall Chambliss's poltiical attacks six years ago, ads which featured actual war hero Senator Max Cleland, who lost BOTH LEGS and an ARM in Viet Nam, commercials which morphed his face into Osama Bin Laden.  Chambliss has no shame. Chambliss is a VERY BAD MAN and should not be in the Senate. Jim Martin is close, VERY CLOSE, to unseating Chambliss. Ten bucks here could help out a LOT.

Charlie Brown is also a worthy candidate, but he's up 8 points and doesn't need your help as bad.

Al Franken is in a squeaker against Norm Coleman, a truly vile and dishonest Bush crony.  and TELL ME that it wouldn't be GREAT to have Al Franken in the Senate!  He's SUPER SMART, he's FUNNY and he's HONEST. PLEASE, go give Al Franken ten bucks

And if you haven't given $5 or $10 bucks to Equality for All, the No-on-8 campaign, please do so now.  Look, we've had gay marriage in this state for six months now. California hasn't slipped into the ocean. God hasn't given us a plague, a la The Ten Commandmens. All the things the Anti Gay Marriage people said would happen – NONE OF IT HAS.  Don't let the Mormons take Gay Marriage away from California!
PLEASE don't let them take my rights away!  PLEASE! GIVE TEN BUCKS.  

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