Today’s the Big Day!

Listen to the man. Chill out. Do what you are supposed to do. Go vote. Go help get people to the polls. Staff the phones.
And no matter the outcome, I don’t think there was anything the Obama campaign could have done better.

Keep in mind: First, the exit polling today will be wrong. Well, let me rephrase. It will reflect who is voting today, to some degree, but not reflect the totality of the race, what with early voting. I am sure they have thought of ways to deal with that, but I have little faith in it.

Also, if you are wondering about some of the propositions and measures, I humbly offer my voting guide.

In it, I explain every position I take, so that if you disagree with me, you can vote the other way. 😉

Please vote! If you live on the West Coast, this is no excuse. Your candidate needs a mandate (big percentage of popular vote) that only we in California can give.

And for Heaven's sake, please vote NO on Prop 8.  

A large victory and clear mandate makes this election cleaner, and there are important propositions that need your support. Show up anyway and vote, no matter what you hear. It is your duty, and besides, I simply do not understand how anyone would not want to be able to say, forty years from now, that they voted in this election.

Thank you, and wake me up tomorrow.  😉


h/t John Cole for some of this.

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