While you were slapping yourself on the back…

Following up on my post yesterday about my bitterness over this election (and how maybe my liberal friends popping the champagne and slapping themselves on the back should wake the hell up and look at what's really just happened to one of their favorite minority groups)… [yeah, go read it]

People keep telling me that this proposition will not stand. That the court will strike it down or the legislature will vote it down or some such. Let me assure you, this atrocity is here to stay for a good long time.

This is not a proposition. This is an amendment. The threshold for rolling this back is incredibly high and believe me, there is ZERO CHANCE a roll back is going to happen in either the court or the legislature, even if we get nothing but liberals in the CA Legislature and that's never going to happen with all the neanderthals who live in central valley. As for legal challenges, I mean, have you even read the grounds upon which people are challenging this?  Legal scholars are calling it a stretch and that's being polite. Proposition 8 is here to stay until we pass another amendment giving us the right to marry.

We in the gay community need to do some serious outreach and bridge building to the African American community. We need a lot more friends there, because they are the ones who turned out on Tuesday and fucked us harder than anyone else.

We also should consider punishing the Mormon Church in this state. However, I'm not sure how we can do that in any meaningful way – they own the Marriot Hotel, half of Vegas and lots of other businesses. They truly are an empire and I sincerely doubt anything we do would be more than an annoyance – like holding signs out in front of their churches. A nice gesture, but useless.

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