I feel pity…
oh such pity,
I feel pity,
and witty,
and gay!

Woah.. I was starting to write and I broke into song (to the tune of "I feel pretty" if you hadn't guessed). That's what happens when you blog on too much cold medicine. (yes, my pretties, I'm a little bit sick. And sadly and stupidly at work instead of home in bed).

Anyways, I feel pity for Bush when I see stuff like this:

But… then I think about how he is responsible for over 4500 dead US troops, nearly ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND injuries to our troops (ranging from a lost limb to a blown-off face, photos of which you will never see), over a million dead Iraqi civilians, and countless other crimes, it's not so much pity I feel for him. I think justice will not be served until he hangs at the Hague.

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  1. Lucy
    Nov 20, 2008 @ 20:07:00

    I don't think the Bush administration will be brought to justice any time soon. At least those in Gauntanamo will have trials and we have a chance at restoring our own Democracy. The Bush family has a history of evil and cover-up.
    I hope you feel better soon. We are all sick here too.


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