F*** My Life (FML)

Just found a website I look forward to reading the next time I think my life sucks.


  • Today, I called the campus police to give me a ride to the cafeteria since I am on crutches from knee surgery. I was only halfway into the car when the man started driving and ran over my foot. Now neither my right knee or my left foot work. FML.
  • Today, my boyfriend of 2 years sent me a text message saying, "Don't worry I'm gonna break up with her soon. Love you." FML.
  • Today, I received my passport in the mail. They got my birthdate wrong. Then I picked up my birth certificate that I had sent in with the application. Turns out my parents have been celebrating my birthday on the wrong day for 16 years. FML.
  • Today, I looked at the Facebook of the girl I really liked, and I saw she wrote on her friend's wall "Last night was the biggest mistake of my life." We hooked up last night. FML.
  • Today, on the crowded train, a cute guy called me over and told me to stand next to him because there were less people there. We started talking, but he left before I could get his number. Just when I was about to tell my friends about it, I find out that he stole my phone. FML.

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The Cherry Blossoms are back

Took this on my way home from the store.

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iPhoto (iLife’09) + Facebook FAIL

iPhoto has a great new function called Faces. it scans every pic in your library, finds the faces and asks you to ID a few of them. Once you've ID'd a few of one person, iPhoto can do a reasonably good job of finding every other photo of that person in your library! 

I turned it loose on my 9000+ library of photos and I was really impressed with this tool.  It found me reliably quite often. It was only near the bottom of the stack that some of it's choices got a little weird:

Weird that iphoto so often thinks I'm an asian lady.

And now comes the big time fail.

The problems start with the purported Facebook integration, in which you can upload your people-tagged photos to Facebook and the tags go with the photos up to Facebook.

Any FB user knows about face-tagging in the FB user interface. You upload a picture of you and your friends and then you click on one of their faces. A list of your Facebook friends pops up and you select which of them is in the photo. When you are done tagging all the faces in the photo, the photo has all the names of people at the base of the photo. The thing is, all the names are links which you can follow back to that person's facebook page. Cool! And when that person is tagged, they are sent a notification that a photo with them is now on Facebook.

Part of the big deal of iPhoto 09 was the supposed Facebook / iPhoto integration. You can tag your photos in iPhoto using faces:

…and then upload them to Facebook using the Facebook uploader button and they show up in an album in your facebook account.

Cool, right? 

NO, NOT COOL. Because iPhoto does not link the names in the photo with your friends' accounts. So, here's a photo with faces tagged in iPhoto uploaded to Facebook:

See how none of the names are links? They are plain text! They are not linked to my friends' FB accounts!

That means I am back to square one: Upload the damn photos to Facebook and tag them in Facebook the old, slow way. And any changes I make to the photos on Facebook are not carried back to the photos in my iPhoto album.

How lame is that?

I am irritated by this because it's a huge glaring oversight that severely hampers the facebook integration.

So, this is a neat feature but until this oversight is fixed, the integration is largely useless. This is a big oversight and I hope it gets fixed.



Saw the video and the fix. Tried it out. In iPhoto, I added the first and last name to the name place and then the email address below that. I contacted the person in this photo to make sure it was the email address she uses for Facebook.

Then I click Done and watch the little facebook uplink make it's sync circle dance.

And then go to Facebook to check one of the photos:

Same problem – NONE of the names are linked.

What gives, iPhoto'09? What am I doing wrong?


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