100 ways to waste your time

Urlesque published the 100 Most Iconic Internet Videos of all time on their site. It is absolutely worth your time to go watch every one of them. My only complaint is that they didn't have my Haight Street Parking Argument video, which surely should have been in there somewhere.

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PSA for Parents with Teens about Sex

Talk to your kids!

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A WoW mod I’d like to see

I play World of Warcraft. It's a fun hobby.

People release "mods" for this game – modifications to the software to allow for extra features or to tweak the UI in some manner.

I have two monitors, an increasingly common setup. I would love for a WoW mod to take advantage of two monitors. To illustrate my point:

Here's how WoW looks on my dual monitor setup now:

And here's my dream mod, which would allow for two monitors, sending all the junk onto the secondary screen (just as I do now with palettes on Photoshop:

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