Meet the New Gay Stereotype!

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Museum Fags

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Sunrise Window Computer Tea

Hi Folks. 

I've been neglectful of my blog (thanks for noting, Patty. If you hadn't said anything I probably would have ignored it forever).  It's not that stuff ain't happening, it's just that I am not sure how much of it is bloggable anymore. Some of it is though, but I'm waiting to get a better camera. My current old one sucks. I didn't know how much until I borrowed a friend's and then compared two sets of pics between  the two. Striking difference. So there's two or three hundred bucks right there. Dammit.

I picked up Leopard last night. The Operating System, not the cat. It's got a couple neat tricks to it but since I don't use the time machine thing since my HD is too small, I wonder if the money wouldn't have been better spent on a new, much bigger hard drive?  Hmmm…  maybe I can get work to pay for it, then I can do both!  Go me!

I'm sitting at the window right now and it's early.. well, was early.  I've found my new morning routine. Get up. Go to kitchen, make some tea. Go to computer, open window and either watch the hummingbirds and read my google home page. I don't use an alarm clock so the time I get up varies between 6:30 and 730, depending on how fiercely to I told myself to wake at a certain time the night before.

I just realized, it's a little later than I thought and if I want to beat Liz to the shower, I gotta jump in right now.

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Storm Trooper Japan Dancing

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