Gay & Lesbian elders go back into the closet to survive

Gay and Lesbian elders go back into the closet to survive
Gay and Lesbian elders go back into the closet to survive

From Queerty

Know what sucks? When you spend your younger years fighting for gay rights and just trying to survive as a homo in the early 20th century, then grow up to discover your body isn’t as strong as it once was — and are too fearful of America’s discriminatory health care industry that you end up dying alone than seeking help. From director Stu Maddux comes Gen Silent, shining a light on an altogether neglected segment of GLBTs: Seniors, many of them without kids to care for them now, who were taught to run from hospitals, not to them.



San Tung Chinese Restaurant in the Inner Sunset.

Dry-fried chicken - the best chicken dish EVER
Order the Dry Fried Chicken Traditional (like in the picture). It is phenomenally good. It is one of the best chicken dishes I’ve ever had. EVER.
If it’s cold, bring a coat because there’s always a line to get in and they don’t take reservations. A 45-minute wait on weekends is normal. We went tonight at 6:00 and waited twenty minutes (not so bad, we watched the sunset).
Well worth the wait!