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Great post from Kos this morning, quoting a bowers post:


It must be really scary to be a conservative. To be one, you must live in constant fear of terrorists nuking the United States, of gay people on the verge of convincing you that you really enjoy sodomy, of Spanish becoming the official language of the United States next week, of every African-American voting seven or eight times in the next election, of radical Islam suddenly becoming the latest hip thing among kids across the country, of perpetual lesbian orgies in girls bathrooms in high schools across America, of liberals forcing everyone to become a vegan, of Christians being rounded up into concentration camps, and of Democrats outlawing private property if they were to ever take power again.

They do live in a state of fear, and what's more, they want everyone else to join them hiding under their bed, in their pool of urine.

Oh, they'll talk tough. They'll bluster and pound their chests like the neanderthals they are.

But inside, they are scared little children, terrified of the world, of people not like them, of change.

And they can't fathom any other way to live.


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Myrna Lim running for San Francisco District 11 Supervisor

Myrna Lim is running for San Francisco Supervisor, District 11 seat.  She's challenging Geraldo Sandoval.

I found this on Tribe about her, written as a response to someone playing the gotchya game:

I finally met Myrna Lim in my mother's church last week. Frankly I have been curious who she is because of all the put downs and insults in this board. Turns out my mother and Ms. Lim have known each other for a long time. Her family has lived in the Excelsior for almost 40 years for 4 generations. Her dad came to the Excelsior in 1969. He was a former District Attorney in Manila. Her family used to operate and show Filipino movies in the Excelsior in the 1970's. They showed Filipino movies in the former Granada Theater and the Apollo Theater. Those theaters are now rented by Goodwill Store and Walgreens. Most people do not know about the tragedies in her family because she seems so upbeat and positive. My mom said, that is her personality. Her gay sister was killed in the old Granada Theater during a hold up masterminder by some people hateful against gays. Her brothers and sisters went to Balboa High School and Mission High School. Her nieces and nephews went to public schools and catholic schools.

My mom told me Ms. Lim used to be an activist in the Philippines against the Marcos when she was young. She was also an activist here in San Francisco. Apparently she was involved in the fight against the eviction of the tenants in the International Hotel. She was also involved with the farm workers in Delano. I didn't know that the Farm Workers Union were started by the Filipino farm workers under Philip Vera Cruz and Larry Itliong.

I thought she was some right wing politician according to some chat boards like this one. I didn't realize that she was a true progressive from the old days. She is also a feminist. She used to be the President of the National Women's Politicial Caucus. She did a lot of volunteer work on her own time even though she was working full time and raising her kid. She was a Vista volunteer for Asian Inc. building public housing in the south of market area. She helps a lot of inner city kids turn their lives around from drugs and violence. She works on a lot of program for the elderly.

When I talked to Ms. Lim, I told her that some people like in this board call her a ditz. She just smiled and said, "well that's politics for you". She said that San Francisco even thought it is supposed to be the most liberal city in San Francisco, has a problem electing good women unless the woman has a strong and powerful man behind her. She said that some people do not want her in city hall because she is too independent and she is too vocal. I told her that I appreciate that because San Francisco needs independent politicians. The poor people are getting poorer. My mother and I might move out of our Richmond flat soon. Too bad she did not win. I did not know Ms. Lim is very smart, thoughtful and knowledgeable about government and politics.

I told her that my friends in D11 voted for Sandoval last time because he was supposed to be progressive. It turned out Sandoval received a lot of campaign contributions from big developers and lobbyists downtown. I thought I read the Bay Guardian saying that Sandoval is a good friend of billionaire Warren Hellman and gave him a lot of money on his campaign. Is that why Sandoval is supporting Newsom?

Too bad Ms. Lim did not win. She would have been good for San Francisco.

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from the NYT:

No shit.

And Iraq
And Afghanistan
And gas prices
And food prices
And the economy
And the housing crisis
And our descimated military
And the debt
And emergency management
And healthcare
And North Korea
And Palestine/Israel
And the environment
And the trade deficit
And keeping religion out of government
And our relationships with Europe and the rest of the world
And human rights
And education
And the war on drugs
And food and drug safety
And cronyism
And the dollar
And the Supreme Court
And Medicare Part D.

via John Cole, the best blogger in the Universe.

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Letter from Cindy

On the very heels of Nancy Pelosi's House giving George Bush more money than he asked for to fund the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan for another year, Nancy Pelosi's House grants blanket immunity to telecomm companies who have conspired to spy on Americans with the Bush regime. Denny Hastert's Republican House wouldn't even do it and now read Glenn Greenwald's great article below explaining how Nancy Pelosi's House gives the Bush regime even more than they asked for (again).

This picture of her smiling lovingly at George Bush says it all. He is a liar, a murderer, a torturer, a thief and a criminal in the narrowest confines of the word, but Nancy Pelosi, who knew about his torture policies as early as 2002, adores him and as a conspirator with him, will not impeach him against the will of the people of this district and the nation.

Have you had enough yet? How many clauses and amendments to the Constitution will the Bush-Pelosi team destroy before you say "enough is enough?" How many wars? How many needless deaths? How many foreclosures? How high gas? How many jobs lost to outsourcing or recession? How much longer can we allow the degradation of our environment to proceed?

Cindy for Congress said "enough is enough" months ago and we would be honored if you would join us in sending a clear message to Congress: No more business as usual. Dozens of San Francisco residents have called or e-mailed our office today. Many "life long" Democrats have informed us they are leaving the party. The "business" of this nation is not "business" it's the people and the people are being oppressed and impoverished while the Bushes and Pelosis of this world prosper.

Published on Friday, June 20, 2008 by

What Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and Fred Hiatt Mean by 'Bipartisanship'

by Glenn Greenwald

It's bad enough watching the likes of Steny Hoyer, Rahm Emanuel and a disturbingly disoriented Nancy Pelosi eviscerate the Fourth Amendment, exempt their largest corporate contributors from the rule of law, and endorse the most radical aspects of the Bush lawbreaking regime. But it's downright pathetic to see try to depict their behavior as some sort of bipartisan "compromise" whereby they won meaningful concessions:

"When they saw that we were unified in sending that bill rather than falling for their scare tactics, I think it sent them a message," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). "So our leverage was increased because of our Democratic unity in both cases."

Not even the media establishment and the GOP can refrain from mocking this pretense they're trying to peddle. What's amazing is that they're actually as devoid of dignity as they are integrity. As I noted yesterday, the GOP couldn't even wait for the ink to dry on this "compromise" before publicly – and accurately – boasting that they not only got everything they want, but got even more than they dreamed they would get. To The New York Times' Eric Lichtblau, GOP House Whip Roy Blunt derided the telecom amnesty provision as nothing more than a "formality" which would inevitably lead to the immediate and automatic dismissal of all lawsuits against the telecoms, while Sen. Kit Bond taunted the Democrats for giving away even more than they had to in order to get a deal: "I think the White House got a better deal than they even had hoped to get."

Lichtblau himself noted that "the White House immediately endorsed the proposal" and wrote that the bill "represents a major victory for the White House after months of dispute." Reporters Dan Eggen and Paul Kane were even more blunt and derisive in The Washington Post, noting that the Democrats "hand[ed] President Bush one of the last major legislative victories he is likely to achieve"; that "the deal appears to give Bush and his aides, including Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey and Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell, much of what they sought in a new surveillance law"; and that "the negotiations underscored the political calculation made by many Democrats who were fearful that Republicans would cast them as soft on terrorism during an election year."

Surrendering and fearful: that's the face of the Democratic Party. It's how they show they're not weak. The most succinct summary of what the Democrats just "negotiated" came from Russ Feingold: "The proposed FISA deal is not a compromise; it is a capitulation." Numerous other Democratic office-holders and Congressional candidates scornfully characterized this bill for what it is, including Andrea Miller, a Democratic nominee for Congress in Virginia, who said: "We have a Democratic majority in the House and yet they seem to be as confused by the meaning of the Constitution as the Republicans." (And as the vocally pro-Obama Nation notes, the Democratic presidential candidate – who had been so outspoken against telecom amnesty and warrantless eavesdropping in the past – is still deafeningly silent today, even as the House prepares to vote today).

Needless to say, Beltway denizens such as The Washington Post's Fred Hiatt are patting the Democrats on the head:

CONGRESSIONAL leaders of both parties should be commended for drafting legislation that brings the country's surveillance laws into the 21st century . . . It also provides some welcome evidence that congressional leaders remain capable of achieving delicate compromise in the national interest.

But this absurd praise underscores what the Washington power structure means when they speak of "bipartisanship" – it means having the Republican Party demand something, and then having enough Democrats agree to it to ensure it passes in essentially undiluted form. In January, I compiled a list of the Great Bipartisan Compromises of the Bush era and demonstrated that they are characterized by one common attribute: namely, they are supported by almost all Republicans and then enough Democrats from a split caucus to ensure its passage. As I wrote:

But more importantly, "bipartisanship" is already rampant in Washington, not rare. And, in almost every significant case, what "bipartisanship" means in Washington is that enough Democrats join with all of the Republicans to endorse and enact into law Republican policies, with which most Democratic voters disagree. That's how so-called "bipartisanship" manifests in almost every case. . . . On virtually every major controversial issue – particularly, though not only, ones involving national security and terrorism – the Republicans (including their vaunted mythical moderates and mavericks) vote in almost complete lockstep in favor of the President, the Democratic caucus splits, and the Republicans then get their way on every issue thanks to "bipartisan" support. That's what "bipartisanship" in Washington means.

That's exactly what is going to happen with this latest FISA "compromise." Republicans will be virtually unanimous in their support of it, while the Democratic caucus will split and enough of them will join with their Republican colleagues to make sure it passes. "Bipartisan compromise" means that Democrats comply with GOP demands. While huge numbers of civil liberties advocates, Democrats and prominent libertarians are furious and disgusted by this bill, is there even a single hard-core, right-wing Bush supporter remotely unhappy with it? No. Because it gives them everything that that faction ever wanted – actually, as Kit Bond said, more than they ever dreamed of getting. But in Washington World, that is a grand "bipartisan compromise," by definition: when the President's demands are complied with.

In the course of criticizing the "compromise" bill, Andrew Sullivan wrote yesterday that he's "not as livid as" I am because "at least the White House appears to have conceded that the Congress has the final say on what is and what is not legal in eavesdropping." But that's actually not true, and that really underscores the key point here.

This whole controversy began because George Bush, in December of 2005, got caught breaking our spying laws for years. He did so because he embraced a radical and un-American theory that asserted he has the power to break all of our laws provided such lawbreaking is, in his view, related to "defense of the nation." That lawbreaking theory is at the heart of virtually every major controversy of the last seven years, and it remains entirely in tact and preserved:

At the meeting [with the DOJ], Bruce Fein, a Justice Department lawyer in the Reagan administration, along with other critics of the legislation, pressed Justice Department officials repeatedly for an assurance that the administration considered itself bound by the restrictions imposed by Congress. The Justice Department, led by Ken Wainstein, the assistant attorney general for national security, refused to do so, according to three participants in the meeting. That stance angered Mr. Fein and others. It sent the message, Mr. Fein said in an interview, that the new legislation, though it is already broadly worded, "is just advisory. The president can still do whatever he wants to do. They have not changed their position that the president's Article II powers trump any ability by Congress to regulate the collection of foreign intelligence.

This scandal began by revelations that the President broke the law – committed felonies – when spying on our calls and emails without warrants, because he believes he has the power to break the law. The scandal all but concluded yesterday, with the Democratic Congress (a) protecting the President, (b) permanently blocking the lawsuits which would have revealed what he did and would have ruled that he broke the law, and (c) legalizing the very illegal spying regime that he secretly ordered in 2001. Only in the twisted world of Washington can that be described as a "compromise." * * * * *

Contribute to Cindy's campaign. Together we can be the Real Change

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You’re Next

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Kill me now


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Betrayed by my representative, Nancy Pelosi

Tim F at BJ lays it out:

For no reason that I can fathom Steny Hoyer has decided to capitulate entirely on government eavesdropping and amnesty for the telecoms who assisted them. What was the overwhelming political pressure? Somebody spell this out for me.

It appears that the deal is done, the vote is tomorrow, and there is be absolutely no aspect to this “compromise” that does not simply give the White House everything it wants. Go read Glenn Greenwald if you have the stomach for it.

Then call Steny Hoyer and let him know how you feel. I don’t care what tone you use. (202) 225-4131

When you’re done, use the Capitol switchboard to contact your own representative and let him or her know that we’re paying attention. (202) 225-3121

Tell them that if they think people who broke the law should get off scot free, then you demand the same privilege. Ask for an address where you can send your parking tickets to get canceled. Let them know that you’ll gladly support a primary challenger against anybody stupid enough to support this abortion of a bill.

Let them know that the story won’t go away and it won’t age well. Hillary lost her primary fight because of a stupid vote for war, and your representative can go down just the same. Assholes who want to sacrifice fundamental American values for a a petty and incredibly misguided political calculation have no place in my party.

I would add that this deal would not have made it to the floor without the nod from Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi, MY REP from San Francisco.I've been calling her and emailing her for WEEKS urging her not to capitulate on telecom amnesty. I feel betrayed.  I am so mad I could spit!

Cindy Sheehan is running for Nancy Pelosi's seat. People say that Cindy Sheehan is a nutcase. I don't care if she's clinically insane with drool on her shirt and spiders living in her hair. I know that Cindy Sheehan would NEVER have voted for this bill and would have fought tooth an nail against its passage.

I am sick and tired of the capitulation.

I plan to vote for Cindy Sheehan this November.

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