Lewis Black on Mike Huckabee

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Pillow Fight!

HP and I went down to Justin Herman Plaza by the Ferry Building for the annual Valentine's Day Pillow Fight.

Waiting for the pillow fight

Pillow Fight

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Amusing MUNI Graffiti

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Baltimore’s Finest

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Getting past the sixties

Getting past the sixties

Rick Perlstein explains for the Washington Post why we’re not about to “get past” the sixties:

It’s easy to find hundreds of pictures of the national student strike that followed Nixon’s announcement of the invasion of Cambodia in the spring of 1970. Plenty of pictures of the riots at Kent State that ended with four students shot dead by National Guardsmen. None I could find, however, of the counter-demonstrations by Kent, Ohio, townies — and even Kent State parents. Flashing four fingers and chanting “The score is four/And next time more,” they argued that the kids had it coming.

The ’60s were a trauma — two sets of contending Americans, each believing they were fighting for the future of civilization, but whose left- and right-wing visions of redemption were opposite and irreconcilable. They were a trauma the way the war of brother against brother between 1861 and 1865 was a trauma and the way the Great Depression was a trauma. Tens of millions of Americans hated tens of millions of other Americans, sometimes murderously so. The effects of such traumas linger in a society for generations.

Go read the rest.

(h/t TMW)

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Post Tiger-Attack Zoo Trip

With the San Francisco Zoo in the news lately, HP and I got it in our heads to go down and check it out while the scent of fear and paranoia were still heavy in the air. We ended up having a delightful day. Not only is the Zoo a fun, educational place to spend the day, it's just a bit more exciting knowing that there is the slight but very real possibility we could be eaten. The slight risk of death makes everything exciting. After all, how do you think those Tijuana sidewalk taco carts stay in business?

Here's us coming out of the West Portal Tunnel into Duboce Park:

Coming out of the West Portal Tunnel

We took the L down to the Zoo. The first thing we saw inside was a giraffe eating some leaves.

SF Zoo Giraffe

Followed shortly by this neat gorilla.

  We came around the corner and went into this little enclosure with West African birds. They were ugly things. Looked like buzzards.

Look out! Buzzards!

We walked around for a while. I think the neatest thing at the zoo the whole day was the up-close-and-personal time with a peacock while we were waiting for the penguins to be fed.  I don't think I've ever seen a peacock up close before, except for a stuffed one at my friend Joe Phillip's house.


After waiting for a while, the penguin  feeders came the penguin environmental area. I don't know if you can see it on the video, but the woman has whole sardines – fish six to eight inches long. She would drop one after another into these penguin's mouths and they would swallow the fish whole!  One after another!  They didn't look big enough for one, much less the three or four I saw some of them eat.

Feeding the Penguins

Sadly, the trip ended in tragedy.

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What have unions ever done for us?

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