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Musto finally got his own blog. Here's a typical sample:

Bye, Heath. I Wish You Hadn't Quit Us!

Posted by Michael Musto at 9:00 AM, January 23, 2008

Rather than add to the chorus of media people moaning "What a brave and wondrously diverse talent trapped in a pretty boy's body," I was planning to instead quote some realer comments from posters on the hideously skank and dishonorable yet ever-readable gay gossip site, But they're falling all over themselves with respect too.

Among their remarks:

"Look for Cate Blanchett to dedicate her I'm Not There Oscar to Heath."

"Why couldn't it have been Britney or Paris? It's not a fair world."

"I hope he wasn't trying to pull a stunt like the big-nosed Wilson guy, trying to get attention to help his career."

"So the first thing the maid and the masseuse saw when they walked into the room was Heath's naked butt? Lucky bitches!"

"There's no one talented enough to play Heath in the inevitable biopic, whereas it's really easy to cast Jake (Zac Efron)."

And finally, in a poignant thread about Amy Winehouse: "Can we get Heath back if this crazy, talentless cunt promises to OD?" No, but at least I can search her remains and get my watch back.

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More fun in Michigan

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Let’s have some fun in Michigan

In 1972, Republican voters in Michigan decided to make a little mischief, crossing over to vote in the open Democratic primary and voting for segregationist Democrat George Wallace, seriously embarrassing the state's Democrats. In fact, a third of the voters (PDF) in the Democratic primary were Republican crossover votes. In 1988, Republican voters again crossed over, helping Jesse Jackson win the Democratic primary, helping rack up big margins for Jackson in Republican precincts. (Michigan Republicans can clearly be counted on to practice the worst of racial politics.) In 1998, Republicans helped Jack Kevorkian's lawyer — quack Geoffrey Feiger — win his Democratic primary, thus guaranteeing their hold on the governor's mansion that year.

With a history of meddling in our primaries, why don't we try and return the favor. Next Tuesday, January 15th, Michigan will hold its primary. Michigan Democrats should vote for Mitt Romney, because if Mitt wins, Democrats win. How so?

For Michigan Democrats, the Democratic primary is meaningless since the DNC stripped the state of all its delegates (at least temporarily) for violating party rules. Hillary Clinton is alone on the ballot.

But on the GOP side, this primary will be fiercely contested. John McCain is currently enjoying the afterglow of media love since his New Hamsphire victory, while Iowa winner Mike Huckabee is poised to do well in South Carolina.  

Meanwhile, poor Mitt Romney, who’s suffered back-to-back losses in the last week, desperately needs to win Michigan in order to keep his campaign afloat.  Bottom line, if Romney loses Michigan, he's out. If he wins, he stays in.

And we want Romney in, because the more Republican candidates we have fighting it out, trashing each other with negative ads and spending tons of money, the better it is for us. We want Mitt to stay in the race, and to do that, we need him to win in Michigan.

Two polls the last couple of days show a tight race: Strategic Vision (R) shows Romney within striking distance with 20 percent to McCain's 29 (Huckabee is third with 18), while Rossman Group shows Huckabee with the lead — 23 percent to Romney's 22 and McCain's 18.

Now here's the thing — without a real Democratic contest on the ballot, and a lack of party registration in Michigan, this is an open primary. Anyone can pick up a Republican ballot. So Michigan Democrats and independents who want to see the Republican battle royale continue should just take a few minutes on Tuesday, January 15th to cast a ballot for Mitt Romney in the Republican primary.

If you know someone in Michigan, send them the email I've included below the fold. If you don't know someone in Michigan, send the email to your liberal friends and see if THEY have friends in Michigan. Get the word out, whether by blog, mailing list, MySpace or Facebook page, or whatever.

If we can help push Mitt over the line, not only do we help keep their field fragmented, but we also pollute Romney's victory. How "legitimate" will the Mittster's victory look if liberals provide the margin of victory? Think of the hilarity that will ensue. We'll simply be adding fuel to their civil war, never a bad thing from our vantage point.

Read the rest.

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Furry Orgy Acid Trip

“Naturally Juicy” is a totally bizarre and overtly sexual commercial spot for Orangina that includes, among other things, an anthropomorphic octopus giving a lap dance.

It’s like a travel promotion for a Furry fantasy getaway.

Orangina Naturally Juicy

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