Meta blogging

I'd love to blog about the stuff that really matters to me – the amazing stuff I experience at work on a daily basis:
– the cool people vs. the nerds,
– politics,
– pranks,
– annoying children,
– my lovely, wonderful coworkers (definitely the best group of people with which I've ever worked—warts and all) and the shit they do to each other,
– diabolically evil management, often straight out of a Dilbert cartoon
– how to drink at one's desk,
– the subtlety of submitting expense reports,
– what it feels like when a coworker gets fired,
– how much I can get away with drinking at a work-sponsored event

These topics are off the top of my head but I swear "work" is simply an untapped goldmine of blogging.

But then again, I would get in trouble if I blogged openly and honestly about work. Justifiably so. You just don't air your company's dirty laundry on the internet—not that I have any actual dirty laundry on the company itself, but accurate descriptions of office happenings (yes, the sort of things that happen absolutely everywhere and are in no way unique) might sound life specific company dirty laundry. Also, it just doesn't make a damn bit of sense to hand people a stack of ammunition (see management description above).

So what do I do? Blog anonymously? That's certainly no fun. And also not very interesting. Anonymous blogs are universally boring, at least to me—who wants to read about "person X did so much blow at the dot com party last night, no wonder he's not in today" when "person X" is not even named? Could be absolutely anybody. Hell, it could be YOU.

So, my fellow VOXers, what the hell do I do?

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Circle Back and Follow Up

Since when did "follow up" get replaced with "circle back" ? 

I call bullshit. "Circle back" is lame. "Follow up" is also kinda lame, but why make up new lame phrases when we already have existing lame phrases?

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Tibet vs China Protest March at Olympic Torch Run

I took this video yesterday on my lunch hour. They passed right underneath my office window.


Tibet vs China Protest March at Olympic Torch

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Guess the song

Here are some statistical charts. Each one is a song.

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Manhooters for McCain

"I like the cut of Darrell's jib. He obviously watches a lot of Fox. That's why I'm asking him to serve as the Director of Research for our new organization, Manhooters for McCain."

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